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Math- This year students have started a new computer math progrm called Reasoning Mind!  The program was developed to help students improve their math scores for state testing.  Students are learning to be independent learners and to take more responsibility for their work.  They are learning to take notes about the theory.  They are learning to solve many problems.  The students will go to the computer lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.  This supplemenatry program will continue throughout the year.  Children's progress will be monitored throughout the year.  I will be tracking data of student progress.  In the clasroom I will review areas that need reteaching and work with students who are struglling with concepts.  Students work at their own pace in this program.  

Math in ths classroom I am currently working on includes:  working on double digit adding wtih regrouping.  Parents may go to website for Reasoning minds and work with their child to reinforce current skills.  Students know how to access this program using their personal logins.  The children are very excited about using this program!  

Spelling words by week:

      Week:   11/12                           Week:  11/19                        Week:  11/26


Please have your child practice their spelling words nightly and read their weekly story.

Upcoming events:   Thanksgiving break will be 11/22-11/25...11/21 will be a half day.  Happy Thanksgiving!   smiley