About Me


About me...

I have been teaching elementary school for 11 years!  My first 4 years I taught 4th grade here at Ray V. Pottorf.  I then taught at Colonial Elementary School for 4 years.  And now I back here at RVP!  When I returned to our awesome school I was teaching a 2nd grade class but our school needed a Technology teacher and it just so happens I was a computer programmer for 20 years before becoming a teacher! Our principal wanted a certified teacher to teach our students about technology and I had the exact qualifications she wanted.  So here I am!  Year 3 teaching technology and loving it!  I really enjoy getting to know all of the students in the school and being available through out the week to help in classes and mentor some of our students.  


“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”     ― Mark Twain