What We Are Learning In Science?!

Hello Parents And Students! :)

This is a key of what we will be learning in Science throughout our whole exciting and fulfillful year!

September To October= The Brain Unit, we will be learning about the brain in this month! We will learn about its parts what it does and what can affect it! We will have 1 formative to get ready for the Summitive.

October To November= The Circalotory System, We will be learning about the Nerves and how they bring blood to the Heart and to the rest of the body organs! We will have 2 formatives and 2 Summitives 1 for the Nerves andĀ 1 for the Heart!

November To December= Landforms, We will be learning about Weathering, Erosion and Deposistion. We will even learn about Tectonic Plates and how landforms are forms I will give you guys 1 Formative if you get higher than a 90% it will be counted as your Summitive if you get lower you may repeat it if you like.

December To Janruary= The Solar System, We will learn all the names of the planets, and How the planets were formed! We will have a formative and MAYBE a Summitive.

Janruary To February= The Water Cycle! How rain is formed! Thats what the water cycle is all about how the water evaporates to the clouds and makes the rain you are responsible about all this information I will teach you! Get ready for the Summitive with No FORMATIVES...

February To March= The Plant Cycle, How plants are formed! How could a little tiny seed become a HUGE tree? We will find out soon. You are going to love this subject and all get 100%'s in THE SUMMITIVE!

March To April= The Insect Unit, what parts to insects have inĀ their body, is a spider and insect if not whats the differnce? You are going to be discsted but its worth it because the Summitive will be EASY!

April To May= The Electricty Unit! How batteries push against each other. Why shouldnt we waste electricty you will know it all when we study this UNIT!

May To June= We will learn about the 4 seasons. Especialy SUMMER!