Piano Lessons

For further information about our After School Piano Program for First through Fifth Grade Students please contact one of our piano teachers:

Vasil Cvetkov 225-439-0532                     Grace Lau 769-5355  

vcvetkov@tigers.lsu.edu                                  grace-lau@att.net

Deposit and Enrollment Fees

In order to have a spot held for your child for the upcoming school year, you will need to return a non-refundable $15 enrollment fee payable to Trinity Episcopal Day School along with the information requested on the front page.  Please send this to the school office in an envelope marked with the name of your requested teacher Vasil Cvetkov or Grace Lau. It is recommended that students be in the first grade or above.


In addition, we are requiring a $94.44 deposit for 30 minute lessons or a $141.67 deposit for 45 minute lessons payable to the teacher upon enrollment. All enrolling student families are entering into an agreement that a lesson time has been reserved for the student and the student is expected to continue with the lessons throughout the remainder of the school year. In the event that a student discontinues the lessons, the deposit will be forfeited as damages to the teacher. For students in good standing as of April of the current school year, this deposit will cover the May tuition.


Monthly Tuition and Materials

The tuition for our program is $94.44 a month for a 30 minute lesson or $141.67 a month for a 45 minute lesson each week regardless of the number of lessons in any given month. This includes a private piano lesson with the teacher and an additional 15 minutes of music theory work on a computer or with other music theory activities provided by the teacher including worksheets.


The school year consists of 34 lessons at $25.00 each for a total tuition of $850 for 30 minute lessons. The tuition is to be paid in 9 equal installments of $94.44 each.  Forty five minute lessons are $37.50 each for a total of $1,275 for a year of 34 lessons.  Tuition for these lessons is paid in 9 equal installments of $141.67 each.  If a student enrolls late, the tuition for the first month may be prorated depending upon the starting date of the lessons.  All tuition payments are made in advance and are due on the first lesson of each month.  There is a $10 penalty for payments made after the 15th of the month. You may also pay by the semester.


A $35 materials fee will be collected at the beginning of the school year in order to purchase music and supplies for your child. This $35 check should be made payable to the student's piano teacher and is due with the first tuition. It may be necessary for you to purchase additional music during the course of a year and you will be notified in advance if this becomes applicable to your child. Any money left in the student’s materials account will be refunded to you at the end of the school year, or you may choose to have the account roll over to the next semester.