Math has a very bad reputation.  It is really not so bad.  Math DOES MAKE SENSE.  Often students wait for teachers to give quick little rules that will let them get on with their life.  The rules work, but without knowing why those work, they will forget the rules and be comletely LOST.  Students must USE THEIR OWN POWERFUL BRAINS TO UNDERSTAND AND USE those rules.




  1.  Take notes while your teacher tells you how to work problems.

  2.  Do all assigned homework.  Homework is the PRACTICE that makes YOU understand how to do the math.  Do extra problems.  If the teacher assigns even problems and odd answers are in the back of the book.  Do some odd problems and check the answers to make sure you are working correctly.

  3.  Study your incorrect answers.  Discover where you went wrong so you will not continue to make the same errors.

  4.  Keep up with and organize those notes you took from # 1 and any other notes you found from others.

  5.   If you have trouble with the terminology or learning formulas, make and practice with flashcards.  You can make your own or make or find them online.  EXAMPLE      .

  6.   LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT:  NEVER GIVE UP.   You may have to learn old math concepts to fill holes in your math knowledge, but YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO DO MATH.