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Welcome to the 2008-2009 school year at Central High School!

I have created this website for you and your family to use as a refrence and tool to help you succeed in your math class - particularly Algebra I and Geometry.

Check out the various pages to see what resources are available for you to use.  

Online Gradebook - Check your grades, which benchmarks you need, or send me a message. 
Sign in using the access code:
For XXXXXX use your 6 didgit student number.
Benchmarks that are passed completely will be marked with a 1. 
Benchmarks that still need to be completed will be marked with a zero.

Online Algebra I Textbook and other resources.

Good luck and have fun this year! 

**What did the Math teasure map tell the Algebra I student? 
Bench marks the spot!!


Algebra I and Geometry Benchmarks:

This is a list of the benchmarks we will be covering each quarter.  I have also included links for many of the benchmarks of places online where you can find practice problems or explanations of how to do it. 

School Events:

A list of school events and sport competitions that are scheduled for each month.  Let me know if there is an event you are involved in that we can include.

About Ms. Schepens

Just a little information about me so that you can get to know me.