Lesson 10

Lesson Plan #10:  Basic Multiplication Fluency

Performance Objective: Given a cumulative fact test, students will solve equations with 0s- 10s, with no more than one error.

Resources or Materials Needed: Fact test, pencil.

Time: 30 minutes 

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities: Tell students they are going to take a fact test with all of the multiplications that they have been learning. Remind them to do their best and forget the rest.  Tell them that this is an opportunity to show how much they know. Before the test as a review, watch the Multiplication Mash Up video on YouTube. 

Step 2: Content Presentation: Start in a large group and show them the fact test that they are about to take.  Distribute test and have them work independently to complete.

Step 3: Learner Participation: Students show what they know by taking a pencil and paper cumulative fact assessment.

Step 4: Assessment: 100 problem fact assessment. (See Appendix H)

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: Grade tests and enter scores in online database.  Note any common mistakes to review as a whole group.  Know which students are proficient in basic multiplication and which students need reteaching.

Lesson Plan Summary: This is the last lesson of the instructional unit.  This lesson supports the learning theory of cognitivism because students are tested on what they know.