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How to troubleshoot Account Live Sign In errors?

Microsoft products and services are undoubtedly amazing and exceptional. What makes their management and control is easier is mere an account creation at Yes, you read that right! Account Live is a one-stop place to view and manage everything related to your subscriptions. Like any other account, it also needs an email and password to login to Account Live.

To get that, you need to go through the sign up process. If you have already created a Microsoft account but facing trouble during the log in process, then this article is exclusively for you. Account Live Sign in issues can occur in two situations:

1. Incorrect Email Address

2. Incorrect Password

Therefore, verify whether you have typed the email address and the password correctly or not. In case of email address, you can use both small and capital letters because emails are not case-sensitive. On the other hand, passwords require to be typed carefully. For example- If your password is John123Mathew, then you cannot write it as john123Mathew or John123mathew. It needs to be entered as it is.

After verifying these two, if you are still unable to log in to your account, then the last choice you have is to go for Account Live password reset process. For this, all you have to do is to open any web browser, type in the URL. A web page asking you for your registered email address/phone number/Skype ID will open. Enter any of these and hit the Next button.


Now, Microsoft will send you a code. Check your email or phone number for this code. (Please note that resetting your Account Live password through this way can be done if you have enabled two-factor authentication feature. Another thing to note that you must have access to the email address registered with the Account Live).

Enter this code on the next web page and provide a new password by reading the password guidelines. (Make sure the new password is a combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols, so it gets difficult for anyone to crack it) Enter the new password once again in the next text box labeled as Confirm Click Ok, and it’s done.

For further assistance, you can contact a Microsoft support professional.

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