The Classroom of Matt DesRochers



My name is Matt DesRochers and I am currently a sophomore Education student with a Biology major and Chemistry minor at Alma College. I am a 2011 graduate of Ithaca High School.

I am very passionate about education. I believe the classroom needs to be a supportive environment where students can express who they are and investigate their interests. As such, my education philosophy consists of the belief that all students are capable of learning. Furthermore, I believe teachers must connect with students on a personal level and immerse their classes in the content. The culmination of these factors results in a classroom that is both challenging and encouraging.

As a teacher, it will be my goal to place students in a position in which they can be successful on state benchmarks and standardized tests like the ACT. Furthermore, I am committed to helping students become excited by the concepts of Biology and Chemistry. I believe one of the best ways to create such excitement is to get students to see the connection between the content and everyday life through the use of hands-on activities like lab activities. Furthermore, I use as much modern technology (iPads, PowerPoints, and SMART Boards) as possible in the classroom in hopes of stimulating student interests. 

As an undergraduate at Alma College, I have seen the benefits of learning outside the classroom through summer internships and independent studies with Mr. Mike Bishop of the Biology Department. My experiences with Mr. Bishop have dealt with the study of North American birds, most notably the Veery. My winter independent study consists of studying American Kestrel.                      

My courses in the Education curriculum have also provided me with exceptional experiences. My Spring Term in 2012 allowed me the opportunity to teach elementary students from schools in Gratiot and Isabella counties about the outdoors at Forest Hill Nature Center near Alma. I was able to become certified in Project Learning Tree and Wonders of the Wild through this course. Please see my attached resume for further background information. I also obtained outstanding reviews for my placement with Mr. Todd Slater of the Biology Department at Ithaca High School. I continue to volunteer in his classroom during academic breaks at Alma.  

I find the following links to be useful for parents, students, and teachers:,4669,7-192-29939---,00.html