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Hello First Graders!!


1. Stay in your seat.

2. Raise your hand.

3. Homework will be due the day after it is assigned.

4. Be nice and kind.

5. Do not talk when the teacher is talking.

6. Follow directions given.

7. Do not bother others.  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

8. Keep area clean.

9. Do not leave room without asking.


1. Centers in Classroom.                                                                                

  • Get with your partner.
  • Go to your area.
  • Complete the task.
  • Clean your area.
  • Go back to desk when time is called.

2.Webquest                                                                                        world

  • Get in your group of three people. 
  • Learn about an animal of your choosing.
  • Do Research everyday according to your task.                              
  • Create a powerpoint containing your research.
  • Present the powerpoint to the class.
  • Learn more about the webquest and what you have to do...

Here is the cite: Animal Exploration

3. Reading Group With the Teacher                                                           reading

  • I will call you back to a table with me.  You and 4-5 other students.
  • You and the other students will read to me.
  • This will give me a chance to see how well your reading skills are.
  • This will several times throughout the year.

 February 2010
 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wedneday Thursday Friday Saturday
  1     93b Math Homework/ Spelling List 2     94b Math Homework

 3     95b Math Homework/ Read Take Home Book and do ?'s

 4    96b Math Homework 5     Spelling Test 6    
 7 8     97b Math Homework/ Spelling List 9     98b Math Homework 10     99b Math Homework/ Read Take Home Book and do ?'s

 11     Talk about Abraham Lincoln/ 100b Math Homework


12     Spelling Test/ Valentine's Day Party  


 14     Valentine's Day

 15     Presidents' Day/ 101b Math Homework/ Spelling List   16     102b Math Homework 17     103b Math Homework/ Read Take Home Book and do ?'s18     104b Math Homework19     Spelling Test20 
 2122     105b Math Homework/ Spelling List 23     106b Math Homework 24     107b Math Homework/ Read Take Home Book and do ?'s25 108b Math Homework26     Spelling Test27 



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