About the Teacher

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 Hello! My name is Miss Huffman as you probably know by now.  I just wanted to give you some background information about myself.  This is my first year teaching.  I graduated from Oak Hill High School.  Then went on to Indiana Wesleyan University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. My favorite color is purple.  I enjoy being with family, playing card and board games, miniature golfing, watching TV/movies, baking, and being with my friends in my spare time. 


You can contact me via email at www.oakridge@firstgrade/huffman.edu.
You can call (765)384-7214 tell them who you are and they will paige you through if I am not in the middle of teaching.  Otherwise they will take a message and I will return your call if necessary as soon as I can.
My Philosphy of Education
My mission as a teacher is to have a positive influence and relationship with my students while instilling knowledge in them that will be useful.  As a well-rounded teacher, I want to incorporate several different philosophies in my classroom.  I am mainly an essentialist-perennialist.  As an essentialist-perennialist, I will be a disciplinarian who focuses on core skills and unchanging facts while looking to the future to develop the students into well-rounded pupils.