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Top 20 Books All Teens Should Read Before Turning 18


Inauguration Poem 2021



Historical Fiction to read between 7th and 8th Grades


Citation Generator websites


14 Colonial-era slang terms


Online sources for reading books:
Computech Library

SORA app (you should have this from 7th grade, but located in Clever)

Open Library - create a free acount using your fresnou email address

Free Novel Read

Free pdf Books

E-Reader News Today: some of these will be free, but some will cost money (but are discounted)

Fresno County Public Library - check the website for your library's current days and hours


17 Literary Terms (these go into your ELA Notebook):

Plot; Setting; Characterization; Protagonist; Antagonist; Internal Conflict; External Conflict; Dynamic Character; Static Character; Point of View; First Person Narrator; Third Person Objective, Third Person Omniscient; Narrator; Theme; Mood; Tone

Here is where you can find them (For the term Mood you need to look under Tone - scroll down to find Mood)
Look here to find Internal and External Conflict