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Mrs. Ward's Google number ((559) 549-3758) 

Mrs. Ward is Computech's Library Tech Teacher - she can help you with connectivity issues with your device. Call her if you're having problems getting on or staying in your Teams.

From Mrs. Ward:

I posted a video on the Library web page (on It shows students how to put a hold on a book in Destiny. I will check everyday and fill their orders. They will be bagged up (nice and safe) and put in the office for pick up. I will start checking for the holds tomorrow! This is a great way for them to know if we have the book in our library and if it is available. (This can replace all other ways they have been trying to get books from me!!) They can still use SORA for e-books and audiobooks as well.


Here’s the link if you want to view it or use it on another platform.



Guidance for Teenagers to Stay Strong During the Pandemic


How to Turn in Assignments During Closure


McAlary's Syllabus

Syllabus Verification Form (Students)


Computech Online Meeting Guidelines

Online Etiquette - this contains expectations for all students during Distance Learning

















































































Download Audacity


Link to the California Frameworks for Social Studies (what we are required to teach in every grade)


How to tell actual news from "fake news"


SchoolTube - just about every subject is covered in this kid-safe environment


Affordable internet access for students and their families through Comcast's Internet Essentials program:


Cornell Note-taking information:

And the actual template with How To's:



History textbook (from on-campus/within FUSD network): go/impact 

                                (from out of FUSD network/home):

Quia: (you must use your Core class log in information)