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All of the assignments (for the entire school year) are located on the Daily information page in this website. What is listed on that page is what is posted in Google Classroom and projected in the classroom when we are in-person.


The following students have not turned in the signature sheet from Ms. McAlary's class syllabus. All students received this yellow packet

Vang, G. - Per. 3-4

Bishop, L. - Per. 5-6  

Her, D. - Per. 5-6

Olivo, M. - Per. 5-6

Rosario, F. - Per. 5-6

Betencourt, J. - Per. 7-8

Jimenez, E. - Per. 7-8

Wiley, I.  - Per. 7-8



Link to FUSD's Back to School Guidelines

FUSD's COVID Dashboard


Misinformation about children and masks abounds. Know the facts.


The gist: It will still be months before a vaccine is available for kids under 12, and large numbers of eligible students and adults working in schools remain unvaccinated. There's broad consensus among scientists, doctors, and public health experts: To keep in-person learning safe and uninterrupted by outbreaks during this Delta surge, universal masking is necessary.


What else you need to know: For schools, the American Academy of Pediatrics says "universal masking is the best and most effective strategy to create consistent messages, expectations, enforcement, and compliance without the added burden of needing to monitor vaccination status." Masks will also help schools avoid outbreaks of other respiratory illnesses in the upcoming cold and flu seasons.



Yes, Ms. McAlary is vaccinated against COVID-19 and will get any boosters recommended by the CDC and local health officials.


Ms. McAlary's class syllabus - on the last page of the syllabus is the link to the Tiger Pantry if your student needs school supplies or other items.


Independent Reading Challenge 2021-2022


The Tiger Pantry is now open. To order supplies, have your student go to this LINK


Computech's principal does a weekly phone call every Sunday to all Computech parents and staff with information on what is happening for the coming week. If you are not receiving the Sunday phone call, please phone the Computech office staff at (559) 457-2640 to make sure the school has the correct phone number for your family.


The best way to communicate with Ms. McAlary is via email:

If you'd like to send me your email address I can invite you to the Google Classroom - that is where assignments are posted and turned in. I can only invite parents who request an invitation because you have to provide me with your email.


Parents/Guardians: there is no way for Ms. McAlary to help your student succeed if they do not help themselves. If your student is not completing the assigned work and turning it in I have no control over that - and it reflects in their grades. Please sit with your student and look at ATLAS to see what assignments need to be completed and turned in, and then supervise the student doing those assignments. Then remind them to fill out a Please Grade My Assignment form so that I know to look for those assignments to grade.











How to opt out of state/standardized testing:




"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb