Mrs. McCain's 9th and 10th Grade English

cheeky Welcome back to school, and welcome back to my class!  It's going to be a great year!  This is a link to your on-demand writing practice site.  This is the link to your online textbooks.

Email:   Phone: 797-3811

STAR Reading:
You will take this in August, January, and April.

Measure Academic Progress (MAP): This is a new testing system, which is replacing Think Link.  You will take this in August, January, and April.

You will take that test on 5 consecutive days during the last 2 weeks of school; the exact days of the test will be announced later in the school year.

Outside Readings:  You will be required to complete novel projects outside of classroom time each nine weeks.  Each assignment will be customized to address your individual needs.

Binder Section Labels--You will need a 1” or 1 ½” binder (with pockets) and dividers.  Label the tabs, in order, as follows:

  1. Standards Checklist
  2. Bell Ringers 
  3. Literature
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Grammar
  6. Writing
  7. PLAN/EOC (9th grade PLAN; 10th grade EOC)

Hall Passes:
You must sign out/in each time you have permission to leave the classroom.  If your asking to leave the classroom becomes habitual, you and I will address the issue.

Grading: (as per SBDM policy 2.1)
Class Activities: 20% (per nine weeks, totaling 80%)
EOC/Final Exam: 15%
Midterm Exam: 5%

Late Work:
Each day an assignment is late will result in a deduction of 10 points per day.
Mrs. McCain’s Class Supplies List--all due in class Monday, August 6th

  • 1” or 1 ½” 3-ring binder with pockets, any color
  • 7 dividers with tabs
  • Wide-ruled, looseleaf notebook paper, a spiral notebook is permissible
  • flash drive, available at Paw Mart for $5
  • at least one highlighter, several if possible
  • blue/black ink pens
  • at least one red ink pen
  • pencils
  • a good eraser