Using Talking Points

Using "Talking Points"

  • What is "talking points"?

Talking points "enables teachers, families and students to talk to each other via SMS, translating the English texts to the family's native language. Founded by Stanford grad HeeJae Lim, a Korean immigrant student brought up in the UK, TalkingPoints translates into messages for parents into more than 200 different languages".   (source: Madda, M. J. (2015). The Race to Translate)


  • A message from founder, HeeJae Lim:

"What we’re learning is that the emotional connection of the text is more important that the exact correctness of the translation,” she says. “The parents feel engaged that they can participate in the student’s education, and that the teacher has gone through the extra step for them.”  (source: Madda, M. J. (2015). The Race to Translate)


  • Video Demonstrations
    • Inviting Contacts to participate in text messaging via "Talking Points"



  • Sending an announcement to students' parents via text message



  • Screen Shots of how text messages may appear to students' parents



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