Period One Musings



Important Information! 

1) Peer Editing: Thursday we will complete Online Peer Editing on our Personal Reflection essays. You will receive a score over your peer editing AND a score over your essay. See Quarter 1 - Important Due Dates and our in-class board Friday as well. Please do not email me  your essay as it needs to be in tonight (Wed, 9/21) for tomorrow's activity. 

2) Novel: You will be required to complete a One-Page written response over your novel. I will provide the handout to you on Friday. The due date will be listen on the Quarter 1 - Important Due Dates link by Friday. 

3) Make up / missed assignment: If you did not locate, print and bring in the copy of an online article Wednesday (today) as was required, I will give you a chance to earn back half-credit if you complete the following steps:

a. Print out an online news article that is of interest to you and/or your peers. 1 page minimum length requirement. 

b. Come in to a special, one-time PLC on Monday, 9/26, for the lesson you missed. (I cannot do multiple PLC sessions, so make arrangements to be there!)

c. Make sure you read and complete the alternate reading and questions assignment. See handout. 

One completed, you can earn back 75% by the end of school on 9/26. 

4) Quiz: There will be an upcoming quiz over communication triangle, appeals, my website and general classroom procedures within the next week. Date TBA on Friday. 

5) Expository Essay: You will have an Expository Essay due on 9/30. The list of topics you may write about will have a separate link category called "Expository Essay Number One." See link for more detailed directions. 

See you Thursday! Ms. M.



1) The list of supplies that period one should bring in will be distributed on Monday, 8/29. A paper baggie for holding supplies will be provided. 

2) Great job of being on task this first week. Always remember to check the front boards and my website daily, complete the required daily tasks / homework and adhere to the dress code every day.  yes


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb