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Quarter #2 Assignments and Due Dates

Due Monday, 10/17 by 9:00 p.m. to "The Odyssey" responses (see Friday)

Due Tuesday, 10/18 in class: Greek and Latin Root Words Packet (4th hour only: Due Thursday)

Due Monday, 10/24 in class: Baggie of 10-12 nature and non-nature items for original nature poem.

Due Wednesday, 10/26 in class - Greek and Latin Root Words Quiz (20 words)

Due Thursday, 10/27: 5th hour only: "Twister Hits Houston" poetry activity

Due Friday, 10/28: Original nature poem (both in class decorated AND to (*Note that I changed the due date from Wednesday to Friday. You're welcome! cheeky​)

Due Tuesday, 11/1:  Poetry TEST - Multiple Choice and Short Answer Crossover Response - Major grade 

Due Friday, November 4thExpository Compare and Contrast Essay over "The Odyssey" and 1 epic movie of your choice. *Changed to Sunday, 11/6, to by 11:59 p.m.

Due Thursday, November 5th: Presentation of poem; bring baggie of nature and non-nature items.  

Due by Tuesday, November 8th, at the beginning of class: Odyssey chart and movie chart (see "2nd Quarter Downloads for Hero's Journey formal charts to be filled out and handed in Tuesday.)

Due ASAP - 9th grade Literature Book barcode.

Due ASAP - Yellow signed parent permission slip for movie for Compare / Contrast Essay. 

Due 11/28 - Dialectical Journal Entries from Chapters 1 and 2 of Great Expectations to inbox.

Due 12/1 - Quiz over Chapters 1-5 of GE.

Due 12/2 - Check Units 6-10 Greek and Latin Root Words Packets

Due 12/2 - Dialectical Journal Entries for Chapters 1-5 due today.

Due 12/5 - Chapters 20 - 28 Reading and Dialectical Journal Entries due today! 

Due 12/6 - Reading over Chapters 29-31 and Quiz over Chapters 6-31 (quiz postponed from Monday to Tuesday. You're welcome!) (See "Downloads" for SAR and Crossover SAR reading and prompts.)

Due 12/7 - GE Project due TODAY! 

Due 12/7 - 12/9 - Project Presentations

Due 12/8 - Greek and Latin Root Words Quiz over Units 6-10

Due 12/9 - Short Answer Response and Crossover Short Answer Response due today! (Also submit online to as well as written response.)

Due 12/14 - All Dialectical Journal Responses should be typed and turned in to as we are checking for plagiarism only.)





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