Week 1 - 8/22 - 8/26

Friday, 8/26 wink

-- Receive 2 handouts 

-- Discuss Picture Me project guidelines and Friday due date. (handout)

-- Discuss today's Library Scavenger Hunt with our librarian, Ms. Miller

-- Complete Scavenger Hunt; turn it for points (handout)


Important dates: 

Need a fiction book that you have NOT read, 250-300 pages, by Tuesday, 8/30. Bring to class Tuesday.

Begin pre-plannning "Picture Me" project this weekend; project due next Friday, 9/2

Continue working on your "Student Reflection" rough draft; due to turnitin.com on Tuesday, 9/6, by 3:00. 


Thursday, 8/25 blush

-- Continue outlining and pre-writing "Personal Essay" rough draft on Chrome Books.

-- Check in Composition Books in baggie.


Be sure to bring in signed course syllabus form if you've not already done so.

Please submit brainstorming to www.turnitin.com if you've not already done so.

Please remember to bring in a gallon plastic baggie for your composition notebook.


Wednesday, 8/24 cool

-- Turn in Signed Course Slip to red folder at work station

-- Activity: Pre-writing and submission of essay brainstorming to www.turnitin.com

-- Reminder to bring in composition book in gallon Baggie tomorrow.


Submit personal narrative essay brainstorming to www.turnitin.com by 7:30 a.m. Thursday

Finish Student Survey from Day 1 - bring to class

Bring in composition book in one gallon baggie tomorrow


Tuesday, 8/23 cheeky

-- Set up www.turnitin.com account / discuss purpose of website and view tutorial

-- Set up www remind.com account / discuss purpose

-- New seat assignments

-- Assign Chromebooks 


Remember to get Course Syllabus signed and returned to me by Wednesday

Remember to obtain Composition Book and 1-gallon Baggie to class Thursday. 

Remember to bring in completed Student Survey on Thursday. 

* Be sure to write down passwords for websites in a safe place


Monday, 8/22 laugh

-- Obtain course overview; discuss PreAP English course (handout)

-- Fill out Student Questionnaire (handout; due Thursday)

-- Discuss Discipline Flowchart (handout)

-- Receive Parent / Student Course Overview form (handout; due Wednesday)

-- Review Composition Notebook / Baggie requirement (due Thursday)


Obtain 2-3 composition books (bring one to class Thursday in a gallon-baggie)

(*Class supply list to be handed out Wednesday or Thursday

Get Course Overview signed; return Wednesday

Hope your first day as a freshman student at MHS was fantastic! cheeky