Week 13 - 11/14 - 11/18

Friday, 11/18

Students view the beginning of Great Expectations DVD study (First 15:00 of DVD)

Check "Quarter 2 Downloads" for GE bookmark / activities, project list, dialectical journal entry template and dialectical journal entry sample. EVERY ITEM YOU NEED OTHER THAN YOUR BOOK IS UNDER "QUARTER 2 DOWNLOADS"!!!


Students complete novel reading and activities according to bookmark (See "Quarter 2 Downloads" for all items related to Great Expectations for Thanksgiving Break)


Thursday, 11/17

Begin pre-reading of Great Expectations

- Check out novel to students (students MAY opt to purchase their own novel)

- Each student receives a bookmark with Phase 1 activities for GE to be completed over Thanksgiving Break. (See "Downloads")

- Review Dialectical Journal example (See "Downloads" for example) and Dialectical Journal Template ("Downloads")

- Watch 5-7 minutes of Charles Dickens biography / clip - discuss relevance of social issues of 1860s England in relation to novel


*Students may begin reading tonight (optional)


Wednesday, 11/16

Students write thesis statement and rough draft of expository essay

Student receive 2nd set of Greek and Latin Root Words (purple handout)


Finish rough draft at home if not finished in class today. Turn in tomorrow.

Begin studying Greek and Latin Root Words for Units 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Tuesday, 11/15

Students select Cause/Effect topic for expository writing

Students complete brainstorming (teacher-directed activities) for expository writing


None tonight! 


Monday, 11/14

Groups Present their Cause / Effect ideas for topic in large group setting


None tonight!