Week 2 - 8/29 - 9/2

Friday, 9/2

Turn in Picture Me project; be sure to initial form

- Whole class: Finish reading "The Cask ..."

- Continue charting dramatic elements in Interactive Notebook


Be sure to read 15-20 minutes of independent novel per night.

Be sure to submit your Self Reflection rough draft to turnitin.com by 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, 9/6

Be sure to review Quarter 1 important dates, including quiz on 9/7 over course overview and website

Thursday, 9/1

Warm Up #4

- Continue reading and charting Rising Action in "The Cask..." in Interactive Notebook

enlightened Reminder that your Picture Me is due tomorrow before school or during class. 

Check Quarter 1 link to check all important due dates.


Wednesday, 8/31

- Warm up #3

- 4 minute Poe biography / YouTube clip

- Continue reading and charting "The Cask..." in Interactive Notebook (Pp. 61-63)

- dramatic element focus: exposition and rising action

- Literary focus: foreshadowing

enlightened Homework! 

2 new additions:

Be at least halfway through your novel by 9/14

Quiz over course overview and my website on Wednesday, 9/7


Tuesday, 8/30

Novel check and slip (handout)

- Seat coding; turn in; one per table

- Novel discussion / requirements

- Review my website

- Warm Up - Textbook page 58 on page 4 of Interactive Notebook

- Exposition page 5 in Interactive Notebook

- Begin reading first page of "The Cask of Amontillado" (textbook, page 61)

enlightened Homework

See list of important due dates under link "Quarter 1"

*There will be a quiz over your syllabus and website next week. 


MONDAY, 8/30

- Index cards with name; 2 questions

- Popsicle Sticks with name and period

- Review current due dates and assignments

- Set up Interactive Notebook - Table of Contents, Student Survey (page 1),  Warm Up #1 (page 2), Dramatic Chart (page 3)

- Review Dramatic Elements and chart; label


See "Quarter 1- Important Due Dates" tab for upcoming deadlines

* Don't forget to bring in your fiction novel tomorrow!