Week 4 - 9/12 - 9/16

Monday, 9/12


Writing Quiz over "The Cask..." and "The Scarlet Ibis"


Bring your novel to class Tuesday for an Independent Reading Day


Tuesday, 9/13


Independent Reading Day - you should be at least halfway through your novel by tomorrow. 

enlightenedHomework: Continue reading novel

Be sure you have read "The Most Dangerous Game" by tomorrow for Wed-Thurs writing test (major grade)


Wednesday, 9/13

Receive scored written responses from Monday - see attached checklist for areas of improvement; Rewrites during PLC through next Wednesday for 15 extra points

Day 1 of "The Most Dangerous Game" writing test 

enlightenedHomework - Continue reading independent novel 15-20 minutes per night. 


Thursday, 9/15

Continue "MDG" writing test 

enlightenedHomework: Continue reading novel


Friday, 9/16

Last day of "MDG" writing test 

enlightenedHomework: Continue reading novel

Don't forget that Short Stories rewrites are due by Wednesday, 9/21. Must be completed during PLC opportunities. 👍