Week 8 - 10/10 - 10/14


Friday, October 14th

Finish Part One of "The Odyssey" (viewing); discuss Hero's Journey and Odysseus as a hero

Distribute Greek and Latin Root Words Packet - DUE TUESDAY, 10/18, at the beginning of class. yes

Pep Rally Schedule

******If you were absent Thursday or Friday, we are at 1:48 minutes (1 hour, 48 minutes) into "The Odyssey." See this link on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S_l12WM_KM and stop at 1:48.


Reading from textbook: 

"Sailing from Troy"

"The Lotus-Eaters"

"The Sirens"

Complete ALL of the questions on page 1049, including the "Big Picture" questions;  2-3 sentences, higher-level academic responses expected. 

Submit your responses / document to www.turnitin.com by 9:00 p.m. Monday, 10/17. 

Continue working on Greek and Latin Root Words and Packet (due Tuesday, 10/18).


Thursday, October 13th

Check out copy of 9th grade Literature Textbook from bookroom. Take home and keep it there! yes

Distribute Greek and Latin Root Words (yellow paper); begin studying 

Return any graded work (graded work will also be returned next week, too!)

Continue viewing / analyzing "The Odyssey" and Hero's Journey 


None tonight! Yay! 


Wednesday, October 12th

Continue viewing / discussing Epic Poem "The Odyssey"

Chart Odysseus' journey AND heroic characteristics in Interactive Notebook

Return graded work; discuss "Most Dangerous Game" rewrite opportunity for 15 points; due THURSDAY by 2:45!!!


Work on "Most Dangerous Game" rewrite; due by 2:45 Thursday!


Tuesday, October 11th

Discuss elements of an Epic Hero and Epic Poetry (Pp. 1041 - 1043)

Review Hero's Journey Chart and Elements; place in Interactive Notebook

Begin viewing "The Odyssey" and discuss Odysseus' journey 


Monday, October 10th - NO SCHOOL