Classroom Mission

Our Classes Mission

     Our mission for this class is to develop our student's reading, writing,

and math skills to his/her fullest potential while creating a positive safe

learning environment where the student will flourish not only academically

but socially as well. In our class all learning styles will be addressed and

students will participate in project based learning activities. Technology

will be infused in the curriculum as much as possible through research based

learning. Students will learn to work in cooperative groups in order to

foster teamwork. Higher order thinking skills will be incorporated in all

subjects, concepts, and skills taught. It is extremely important to have

open lines of communication with parents so that we can work together as a team in

the intellectual growth and development of our children, and to

promote the fundamentals of responsibility and accountability students

should have in order to succeed. Finally, I plan to individualize learning

by providing various assignments and activities based on each student's

particular academic needs and interests.


*****I plan to establish an overall love for school and learning! You will love coming to our class!*****