Mrs. Finley's Finest

 Welcome to 6th grade Reading.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your child this school year. I love teaching middle school; I care deeply about each of my students. I believe students can grow and develop by examining the issues we cover in class. The main goal of my course is to cover the fundamentals Reading.
Also note that if you ever have any comments, questions or concerns, I am available for phone calls and meetings (by appointment please) each day before and after school. To schedule a meeting, you may contact me via

I am excited about working with your child. I welcome questions or comments, and am looking forward to a great year! Below is my teacher credo.

1. I will greet students each morning with a smile, and will be generous with my smiles throughout the day.

2.  I will look for opportunities to reward and praise students for their work and good behavior.

3. I will not show favoritism, and will try to be fair to all.

4. I will use fair and appropriate methods of discipline.

5. I will try to make classroom instruction as interesting as possible and look for new and diverse ways of presenting materials.

6. I will maintain a positive atmosphere for learning.

7.  I will treat my students with respect and will not embarrass them in front of their classmates.

8. I will make myself available and approachable to students.

9. I will recognize the individuality of my students and will provide opportunities for each of them to experience success. I pledge to work forward making this a very successful year for us all. 


Mrs. Finley