I expect all language arts students to read for a minimum of 30 minutes a night.  Reading an extra thirty minutes a night garners one extra credit point for that month.  Reading aloud to a parent for 30 minutes also gets you one extra credit point per day.  ""

Credit for this is kept on the student's  "Reading Log", which the parent must sign daily.  The Reading Log is due on the first of the following month, for example, August's Reading Log will be due on September 1.  Reading Logs will not be accepted after the quarter-end of the grading period.  

Grade point average for the Reading Logs is based on the number of days per month.  For example, a thirty day month is worth thirty points, and therefore reading for 27 or more days a month is an "A" grade for that month.  If you miss a day or two because you are ill or traveling, it is easy to make it up by reading for an hour a night for a few days in order to catch up.