Our Classroom Website


Welcome to Mrs. Meeker's Fifth Grade Math Class.  This website will provide you with information about fifth grade, and will contain helpful links to use throughout our school year.  

Fifth grade at Crissey is departmentalized.  This means I see all fifth graders for math class.  My homeroom class is also with me for Olweus lessons, No New Instruction time, and at the beginning and end of the day for attendance and organization of materials going home.  I handle general questions for my homeroom class and math questions for all classes.  My homeroom goes to Mr. Ferrara for science and social studies and Mr. Scroggs for language arts.  All classes receive the same amount of instruction in all three areas, so students in my homeroom do not spend more time in math class than other classes.  We arrange our schedule so that each teacher is able to provide all fifth graders with the same amount of instruction each week. Students go to each class everyday. 

Mrs. Gerbitz is our intervention specialist and provides individualized and/or small group help or a modified curriculum for students with identified areas requiring additional support.

Students give their homeroom teacher any office papers, attendance notes, lunch money, permission slips, etc.  The homeroom teacher will be sure any forms or lunch money are given to the appropriate person.

Students are given math homework a few nights per week.  There will be evenings when students have homework from all three teachers and occasionally we will have tests on the same day as another subject.  Completing homework is not optional and students are expected to have it completed by the next day unless otherwise specified.  I understand that a student will forget his or her homework once or twice a year, but I still expect to see it completed and returned even if it is a day late.  We go over homework during class, so if your student doesn't have his or her homework they are losing instruction and the ability to learn from their mistakes.  Students should look over any class notes from all three classes each night so that we can answer any questions and to develop good study habits.  It doesn't take long to read notes taken each night.  Reading the material repetitively every night will eliminate cramming the night or two before a test and students will better retain the information.


How to get involved at Crissey

Fifth grade doesn't usually ask for a lot of parent help in the classroom because we switch classes and volunteers would have to stay the entire day to work with students in class.  We do appreciate everything Crissey Parents Club does for our school and especially for fifth grade, so we ask that you consider volunteering to help with an event during the year.  We will also need parents to help with Fifth Grade Recognition which takes place in May.


Crissey Parents Club is a wonderful way to stay involved in our school community and they host many fun, family events throughout the school year and provide teachers with support all year.  If you can help shop for an event, donate food or decorations for an event, set up or clean up for an event, help at book fairs for an hour, help with fundraisers it would be greatly appreciated.  If all parents signed up to work just one event it would be appreciated--parents club wants as much help at all events as possible and doesn't expect you to work every event or donate for every event.  It's ok if you can't make it to their meetings, you can still volunteer by contacting any executive board member as they have events to work on every month.