Classroom Rules

Every fifth grade classroom has the same set of rules posted for students to follow.  It is easiest to keep them the same so that the students know the expectations are the same with each teacher.  They are pretty simple, broad rules.  Students should: 

  1. Be in their seats when class starts.
  2. Be prepared with all classroom materials.
  3. Be polite and respectful to adults and peers.
  4. Follow directions.
  5. Follow the Crissey Core Committments.

The Crissey Core Commitments are:  be respectful, be responsible, be prepared, and be safe.

In my classroom students earn tickets by modeling excellent effort and behavior for a lottery drawing at the end of class.  The entire class also earns points when everyone is meeting my expectation for effort and behavior, but I get a point when they are not.  If the class has more points than I do at the end of the week they get a piece of candy on their way out the door Friday.

If your student is having difficulty controlling his or herself after several warnings and being documented five times after the warnings they will meet with all three fifth grade teachers during recess.  You will receive a note that we met with your student and the rules s/he is not following will be circled.  After five more documented incidents (ten total) the student will need to meet with Mr. Amick.  If a student causes a major disruption or displays unsafe behavior (physical or threatening verbally) a discipline referral will be written and turned in to Mr. Amick.  

If you have questions about your students behavior or problems they communicate to you at home, please contact your students homeroom teacher.