About Me!

     My name is Megan Dunlap, I also go by Miss. Dunlap. :) I am an Eastern Kentucky University graduate. I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in K-12 Physical Education. This website is aimed towards Middle School students and parents of those students.                           

    I am from Indiana and moved to Kentucky when I was 11 years old. Teaching is not my only passion, I also LOVE animals! I do not remeber a time I haven't had a dog in my household. I wanted to become a teacher to help students learn the importance of living a healthy life. I want to be a successful teacher and help and teach as many students as I can.

My favorite quote: "If I can change 1 student's life in a school year, I have succeeded."

My Ethical Use Statement: I will use technology to the best of my ability to help my students learn in the best possible way.