Our Physical Education Website!

Welcome to Our Classroom! 


      Hello students and parents! I am so excited to have you all as apart of our classroom. I hope you find this website beneficial and useful throughout our time together. On this website you will learn what the class is all about and why Physical Education is important.

     Physical Education is a key component for living a healthy lifestyle. The class will not just be about physical fitness but also mental healthiness. It is important that student's know the challenges they may face, not just in their teenage years but throughout their entire lives. Health is also about knowing right from wrong, and the consequences that they can potentially face.


     The year will be seperated into two different semesters, the first half will be Health and the second half will be Gym class. In health class we will cover several chapters including, peer pressure, negative effects of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, and also about STD's and the effects it will have on the body. In Gym class we will be doing a lot of cardio, pushups, situps and wall sits. Do not worry, it won't be all at once. We will do a little at a time to prepare the students for the fitness test that will consist of these workouts. In both classes, Health and Gym we will have fun activities. Including game days in gym, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, baseball, etc. We will also have game days in Health class, such as a jeopardy game over the chapter we are covering.




I hope you enjoy my class and learn a lot! :)

-Megan Dunlap