Mrs. Eicher's profile

Hi my name is Mrs. Melanie Eicher and I am the k-2 Reading Specialist at Prairie Seeds Academy. I work with students in kindergarten, first grade and second grade helping them to become better readers.

I am married to my husband Bob and we live in Spring Lake Park, a small city in the north metro. We have have two teenage children, Jeffrey and Hayley. Jeffrey is a freshman at Minnesota State University, Mankato studying law enforcement. Hayley is a senior this year at Spring Lake Park High School and is eagerly awaiting graduation.

Jeffrey and Hayley

I also have two dogs. Katie is a Sheltie-American Eskimo and Bella is a King Cavalier-Cocker Spaniel. They enjoy chewing bones, laying in the sun, long walks on warm summer days and chasing squirrels in the back yard. I think that's where the saying "It's a dog's life" came from. Their life couldn't get any easier.