As a Catholic school we follow the Diocese of Rochester learning standards as well as the NYS learning standards. 


Go Math 

Based on NYS learning standards. There are 12 chapters. 


Fundations - Wilson Language Training

Letter formation, letter sounds and letter identification, phonics, decoding, sentence building, retelling stories, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension strategies, spelling and handwriting. 


Lucy Calkins Writing 

4 styles of writing: narrative, expository, opinion, descriptive. 


Let's Find Out Scholastic News 

Easy reader magazines, activities, videos and games. 


Science Fusion

Based on NYS learning standards.


Social Studies 

DOR learning standards, hands on activities, interactive lessons and videos. 



The program we use is called Blest are We. It does a lovely job incorporating faith based practices. The program teaches students to love and care for others,  also it makes connections to real life situations and experiences. 


Play-Based learning

Play-based learning helps engage elementary students in their education and has cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits. Play-based learning helps children make sense of the world and it is essential for their development and well-being. It is an effective practice for deepening understanding and engaging children. 


Sight/Trick Words 

I, can, we, the, at, am, it, up, no, yes

like, a, see, go, in, of, us, by, eat, was 

to, have, is, play, come, on, be, big, one, has 

are, for, you, this, here, she , run , off, so, want

do, and, what, little, his, two, love, but, all, saw 

said, there, him, that, not, too, why, first, new, 

he, as, look, with, they, three, six, where, day, could 

my, me, when, jump, went, four, ten, get, away, came 

five, seven, eight, your, because, out, from, who, her, then 

yellow, red, blue, white, black, brown, green, purple, pink, nine 

must, ran, box, sun, say, soon, each, down, fish, funny, time, egg 

make, find, help, new, now, and, bed, dog, cat 



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