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How does physical exercise improve your mental state of mind?

Many of the manuals that try to improve our physical health and mental state of mind recommend a number of important keys. These are strategies and ideas that are easy to explain and defend. However, it is not so easy to include them in your daily life. They require that you change your routines. In particular the routines that you usually develop from laziness. The routines that you have developed on your own and that have been completely rusted through a lot of repetition.


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Brains that lift weight, because what does physical exercise do to your mental state of mind?
Of course it is wise to do physical exercise. But what can physical exercise mean for your mental state of mind? Why is it worth it to make time for it in your daily schedule? What is the point of coming home and, instead of clearing up a bit, making food, resting or learning a language, to train? You do not feel like it at all. It is rainy and windy outside. There are too many people in the gym. And it is too hot there.

Physical activity keeps body cells in good condition
Okay, so your mind looks a bit abstract. He is the conductor of the orchestra that seems to be separate from their bodies for many of us. As if it is not really part of the same biological system. People also talk about physical and mental fatigue, as if they are two completely different things. But that is simply not true.

When you do physical exercise, something very strange happens: the cells in your body are supplied with oxygen. When you move, it is as if you let your body air for a while , just as you sometimes do with your house. This is of course easy during the summer. But in the winter this is unfortunately very different. You do not really enjoy it when a cold wind blows through your living room and bedrooms. But how do you feel afterwards? Much better, right?

There are days when your body seems to love that feeling when you start your motorcycle and other days when it seems to be very lazy. But how do you feel after exercise? Much better, right?

Physical activity connects body and mind
The cells in your nervous system are grateful when you move your body and release it from calories by running, jumping, cycling or walking. But physical exercise offers another great advantage in that body-and-spirit unit. It has to do with communication. If you ask someone who normally does physical exercise but is unable to do so due to an injury, what he misses the most, this will probably be communication with his body.

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If such a person can not move for one or two weeks, he probably feels that his body is no longer communicating with him. Or it only communicates in the language of pain. The quality of the information that he receives from his body has deteriorated. So one thing you can achieve with physical exercise is to improve communication with your body. No pain is needed to realize that you have more or less energy. It is also not easy to explain this to people who have not done physical exercise for years. They do not remember what it feels like to communicate with their bodies that way, so they do not miss it either.

But enriching this communication is more than worth it ... It improves your mental state of mind and therefore also your social life. 
The positive influence that physical activity has on your mental state of mind has two aspects. One is the social aspect. Whether it's individual training or a sport, it's a very simple way to meet people doing similar things as you do. Real people of flesh and flood, who are not behind a screen. People who can motivate you through sport or with other life goals. People who will definitely make your social circle bigger.

The second aspect, however, is that you also get more time for yourself through sports. Time in which you can think about whether you can just forget about worries. As you move you will not think about coming on time, how your body is going to burn the food you consume, or that something you do can make someone angry or damage your image. Physical activity is like an act of freedom, an update for your mental capacity and an encounter with yourself.

It is unlikely that you will experience mental discomfort during training. As you train, you feel a connection between who you are (or want to be) and what you do . There are no threats, only challenges. The challenge to score or run a bit faster than the last time. Things become simpler and your mind appreciate you for that freedom.

Physical activity, discipline, faith and emotions
An indirect benefit of physical activity is order and discipline. Regular training gives you a sense of consistency, which gives you a good feeling about yourself. It is as if you were saying to yourself, "Hey, wait, I can achieve this goal that I have set for myself." These kinds of messages will strengthen your self-confidence and also help you achieve other goals.

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You can see it with many people who have given up. You can hear it in their words. They do not make plans because they do not believe they will fulfill them. So they live in a kind of anarchy full of negative self-talk. This is because the decisions they make are random and the balance they build up is very shaky. In those cases, there are few activities that can regain self-esteem just like body movement.

How many benefits can there be? We are still not completely ready. And now it is worth mentioning one of the most important advantages for your mental state of mind: emotional regulation. Physical activity is a positive way to spend the extra energy that almost everyone has. This is because we almost all get more calories than we can actually burn. So if your body does not need much activity, you have more room to work on your emotions.

Physical activity lowers your heart rate and reduces tension, so much more will be needed to get your body going than before. This gives you much more room to act. Making it possible to use the information you receive in an intelligent way from the emotion you feel. Then you can let the emotion fade without the energy of doing something that you later regret. And even in children, physical exercise improves their self-control. And when they stick to a fixed schedule, it can even help regulate their sleep.

All of these benefits to your mental state of mind will surely make you want to try, or not?