Lesson Plans and Homework

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 , 2009        Essential Question: What do I need to do to be successful in L.A. during the 2nd quarter?
?         Daily Warm-Up Activity ?         READING CALENDARS ARE DUE RIGHT NOW! (Section 3 of notebook)?         Handout: Progress Report Grade and 1st Quarter Grade Sheet?         RAFTS prompt and fill out KIM vocabulary sheets for the words “compare” and “contrast”?         Write a letter to your teacher in which you compare and contrast your grade and progress from the first half of the quarter to the second half of the quarter. Include three goals you will try to reach in Language Arts during the 2nd quarter.?         HOMEWORK àFinish letters and read the first chapter of your historical fiction novel?         NECESSARY MATERIALSàInteractive notebook, agenda, pencil; novel 
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2009        Essential Questions: How can making predictions help me understand the text better?
?         Daily Warm-Up Activity?         KIM vocabulary sheets for the words: “genre,” “realistic fiction,” “historical fiction”?         Handout: Short story “Moon” by Chaim Potok; read short story and practice making predictions and using other reading strategies to understand and connect to the text.?         Set up chart “Predictions and Support” on pg. R78; have at least 3 predictions with support?         Acrostic poem for “Predictions and Support” on pg. L77?         HOMEWORKà Finish reading “Moon” at home; be ready for class discussion?         NECESSARY MATERIALSàInteractive notebook, agenda, pencil 
WEDNESDAY, October 21, 2009        Essential Questions:
?         Daily Warm-Up?         Adjust predictions?         Class discussion of Moon: Which character do you connect with the most? Ask students what questions they had.?         Short story analysis of “Moon” on pg. R80?         Set up Predictions and Support chart on pg. 6 in the third section of your notebook?         Begin reading the next chapter of your independent reading novel?         HOMEWORKà Read Ch. 2 of your novel and make a prediction with support; this will be due on Monday when I check reading calendars?         NECESSARY MATERIALSàInteractive notebook, agenda, pencil, “Moon,” Handout: Short Story Analysis 
THURSDAY, October 22, 2009           Essential Questions:?
?         Daily Warm-Up Activity: Connect sentences using conjunctions (but, however, while)?         Listen to Iqbal Masih speak: http://www.mirrorimage.com/iqbal/who/who.html?         Write a personal response after reading the story “Moon” and listening to Iqbal speak.?          HOMEWORKà Read Ch. 3 of your novel and make a prediction with support; log your reading for the week?          NECESSARY MATERIALSàInteractive notebook, agenda, pencil, internet 
FRIDAY,OCTOBER 23, 2009            
?         Daily Warm-Up: Quiz

?         http://www.biography.com/video.do?name=edgarallanpoe

?          View a video about the life of Edgar Allan Poe and take notes

?         HOMEWORKà Read Ch. 4 of your historical fiction novel and make a prediction with support; be sure to log your reading. My Monday, you should be finished with the first four chapters of your novel.

?          NECESSARY MATERIALSàInteractive notebook, agenda, pencil, ?