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Together we can do...ANYTHING!

Let's welcome a new week. On Monday I will be passing out homework packets, and this weeks' spelling words. The topics for this week are very intriguing.

      We are learning:

             Math: How to tackle a story problem

             Language Arts: Sentence Structure 

             Science: Scientific Method

             Social Studies: 13 Original Colonies

             Reading: Reading comprehrnsion notes

             Book of the Month: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary:Our Strange New Land

Weekly goals:

  1.Each chils should try to  have a "pay-it-forward" moment at school and at home.

     This is where the do something to help someone else or their community.

   We share the moments during our reflection time on Friday.

2.Reading 20 minutes a day and writing our reader's comments.

    Writing our reader's comments will help us show that we are comprehending the book.

 3.Asking 3 questions to the teacher to help us understand the concepts.

     We, as a classroom, want everyone to do their best. That is why we should always ask questions.

4.Make everyday our best day possible.

   Everyday is a new day.




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