Megan Hanley
241 Crestview Rd,

Southern Pines, NC 28387

(570) 954-4545

EDUCATION:                       Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL

                Master of Education, Exceptional Student Education

                August 2009,

                GPA 3.9


            Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

                Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

                May 2005, 

                Cumulative GPA 3.64 Major GPA 4.0

LICENSE:                            North Carolina Teaching License SP 1


EXPERIENCE:     Moore County Schools, Pinecrest High School, Southern Pines, NC


  • Schedule, facilitate, write and implement Individualized Education Plans
  • Collect data on students progress and goals
  • Providing instruction in reading, science, social skills and math to students with disabilities
  • Creating opportunities for instruction and application in functional life skills
  • Supervising students in the community at work sites, programs and community events
  • Maintaining communication with parents through verbal and written communication
  • Collaborating with teachers and related services personnel through planning units, lessons and developing activities
  • Develop and seek out fundraisers to support classroom activities and instruction


Department of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, Carthage, NC

INTAKE COURT COUNSELOR (December 2007-August 2009)

  • Preparing juvenile petitions for local law enforcement agencies, citizens and parents
  • Identifying the juvenile’s risk of re-offending and level of supervision necessary to protect the community
  • Preparing court reports
  • Collaborating with mental health agencies, schools, parents and community programs to provide the appropriate services to the juveniles and families in the least restrictive environment
  • Supervising and managing juveniles on diversion contracts
  • Advocating for juvenile’s rights


Department of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, Eagle Springs, NC

YOUTH COUNSELOR (August 2006- November 2007)

  • Supervise students committed to a Samarkand Youth Development Center
  • Monitor students in daily activities (meals, showers, recreation, homework etc)
  • Facilitate Psycho-educational groups/group activities
  • Provide students with feedback on their behavior utilizing a cognitive-behavior approach (redirecting, reinforcing, and correcting their actions through positive reinforcement)
  • Communicate through verbal and written communication with coworkers and supervisors about students’ needs, progress, and daily behaviors. 


Scranton Counseling Center, Scranton, PA
THERAPEUTIC STAFF SUPPORT (September 2005-August 2006)

  • Implementing a behavioral treatment plan
  • Collaborate with mental health team members to identify a child's needs and behaviors to provide the highest quality of care to clients. 
  • Provide support and reinforcement of roles to school personnel, family members and children with behavioral health treatment plans
  • Assist children in socialization, proper conduct and decision making skills in various settings(school/community). 

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