Helpful Websites

PE Central: The Premier Website for Health and Physical Education

Website which offers health and physical education for teachers, parents, and students. The goal of the website is "to provide the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children". Provides teachers with over 1800 published lesson ideas. Offers information on Adaptive Physical Education as well.  Helps student understand the importance of fitness and nutrition. 



Math website designed for individuals 13-100! Covers Pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calc/calc, and geometry. Offers lessons, practice worksheets, and geometry/trig references. Easy to understand. Breaks each topic into simple steps. Great website for parents and grandparents, to help them understand math.


Finance Freak

Great website to teach students about financing. Covers topics such as banking, owning money, credit ratings, investing, and how to spend wisely.  Offers a financial calculator to help students experiment with things such as auto loans, mortgage loans, compound interest, and annuities. Helps students connect math to "real life".


Math Stories

This website is aimed at helping elementary school (1st-6th) students boost their math problem solving and critical-thinking skills. It has over 15,000 online and printable NCTM compliant math word problems. Bi-lingual site. Very easy to understand and use. (paid membership)


Brain Pop

Fun and interactive site for kids. Covers science, social studies, english, math, art, music, health, and engineering/technical. Offers games, lessons, movies, and great links. Each subject covers several units and themes.  Used in many bay area classrooms.


Time for KIds

Online news for students. Offers links to homework help, games, and kids magazines. Promotes reading through articles adapted to students' levels. 



Free website to help students read with phonics. This site is especially helpful for students with special needs. Interactive games and reading scenarios. Very simple and easy to use. Great images and use of visuals. Links for teachers and parents



Search engine designed for kids based off of Yahoo. Kid friendly and easy to navigate. Great way for students to learn how to use the internet. Offers links to games, music, and a studyzone.



Online reference source for kids. Award-winning site. Offers interactive tools that encourage growth in math, spelling, and vocabulary. Offers an online almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia. Games and quizzes on academic material. Informational articles on how to write a bibliography, put together an essay, and how to study. Offers links to pages which deal with national and world history. Great place to learn interesting facts.



Originating in the UK this site is meant for preschool aged children but would also be appropriate for students with special needs. Lots of color and sound which draws children in. This site is great for working on hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and directionality. (great for students with moderate/severe disabilities)