Design Elements For Plan Of Instruction


Design Elements 

The Wiggins backward design process is selected and most appropriate, the organizational goals and requirements without question take precedent. The three-step process, an integral aspect of each lesson. The emphasis on desired outcomes, acceptable evidence coupled with planned learning experiences and instruction in detail postmortem conversation coupled with verbal and written assessments at the conclusion of the selected lesson plan. The creation and use of an assessment to gage all facets of understanding is a necessity. Assessment(s) share the following characteristics:

  • Indicates learner’s progress toward stated goals and objectives
  • Assessments are used to suggest further objectives.
  • Assessments align with stated objectives and goals.

Integral to success, planned lessons and learning activities.   


The noted design elements contributed t the purpose of the instructional product is used consistently



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

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