Lesson Plan 1

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DTCC Learning Center

Lesson Overview

DTCC: The curriculum and subsequent instructional unit are designed to address inadequacies discovered in instructors’ limited use of technology, training resources and industry knowledge specific to the financial services staff. Theses shortfalls hindered by dated learning assets and limited; formal training solutions proved to be detrimental to the firm. The implementation of new technology in learning and teaching resources, for instructors, will strengthen and support knowledge transfer to meet the company developmental goals. The initial lesson will close the gap between the instructor’s ability to utilize new technology and training resources while incorporating this heightened awareness into customized learning solution in the future.

Resources Required

The resource requirement for the specific lesson includes a desktop computer or an assigned lap-top resource retrieved from the technology department, webinar delivery platforms such as Web X or Go-to meeting, additionally, access to staff developmental learning center and Tec lab:

  • Adobe Web X  or SKYPE meeting connectivity
  • Video Conference room – Internet-connect device, Thin client
  • Access to DTCC learning center portal

Performance Objective 1

 Given a company resources with intranet access, the instructor will demonstrate their ability navigate to the DTCC-Learning Portal and enroll in recommended courses of study and self-paced learning resources.

 The conditions of the objective, upon completing the required 1.5 hours of ILT preceded by 2 hours of practice accessing, navigating and registering for the various electronic courses within the learning portal the instructor, while being observed will demonstrate the acquired skill to respective peers. Doing so will remove ambiguity and support cross-training initiatives. Noted criteria, the instructors may be required to access and complete the course registration process within 10 minutes with 90% accuracy. 

Time: 3.5 hours

1.5 hours of instructor-led the presentation, preceded by 2. Hours of practice accessing, navigating and registering for the various electronic course are within the learning portal the instructor while being observed will demonstrate the acquired skill to respective peers.

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Exercise

  • The class facilitator will begin with a question. Where will your (fellow instructors) go to learn about the prescribed resources-applications on the training lab and or conference room desktop computers?
  • The class facilitator will steer discussion on the reasons individuals need to be familiar with the prescribed resources and the steps necessary in developing new user skills about identified resources. The instructor will immediately transition to a presentation on the DTCC learning and the cornerstone employee development portals.

Step 2: Content Presentation

The lesson of instruction will be ILT in a web-delivered platform and training lab environment. The focus, practice accessing, navigating and registering for the various electronic courses for the convenience of the globally dispersed team members, self-paced power point digital resource will be available. The instructor will use both PowerPoint and system simulation to stimulate conversation. The use of simulation will enable instructors’ opportunity to demonstrate access to the respective resources.  

Step 3: Learner Participation Activity

During the presentation, instructors will engage attendees; require a reciprocal response to questions. Doing so will ensure attendees understand highlighted processes.

The instructors (course attendees) will access the learning portals from their devices and review the learning catalog of resources available on the learning portals(s) and register for the four self-paced courses identified as required. After which, they will complete a minimum of two sessions.

Finally (Instructors) attendees will provide a critique of material reviewed on the assigned Smart-Notebook site or the micro-soft team’s site for learning instructors. (Provided instructions to access)

 Step 4: Assessment Requirement

 A survey and or graded assessment is not required for this particular lesson. However; peer to peer engagement-discussion is not only desired but required, this activity will be utilized as a measure of attendee (learning instructors) participation.  

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities

  • Instructors must complete a lesson evaluation. (Appendix A )
  • Access and review the assigned Smart-Notebook site,  the Micro-Soft teams site for learning

Instructors and post a review and highlight relevant discussion topics of the course.

  • Requirement: Instructors will configure their laptop, desktop, and mobile devices to access the DTCC learning portal(s) as per the instructions indicated on the portal.



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb