Lesson Plan 2

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SMART Notebook Point 17.1

Lesson 2 Overview

One of the performance concerns identified in the instructional analysis included inadequacies discovered in technology training resources which include the trade processing site, as noted SMART Note is the selected as a tool to utilize. This lesson will introduce instructors to the SMART Note and trade processing training site located on DTCC ’s learning portal, accessible on the intranet that allows them to share files, ideas, and other resources.

Resources Needed

  • Video conference room and training lab(s) with presentation resources.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: SMART Note  17.1  Point tutorial.pptx
  • Digital user guide and FAQ resource SMART Note 17.1 doc.
  • Access to DTCC ’s Learning Portal,

Performance Objective 2

Given a DTCC company device with intranet access to Smart Notebook learning software, the web-based collaborative platform of choice, and the trade processing site the instructor will demonstrate the required procedure to use the applications to share resources. Users must also prove the navigation path to the trade processing UAT site to gain comfort in basic functionality. 

Time: 1.5 hours

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activity

Instructors in training must ensure their access to the respective applications. The instructor will lead a conversation about what attendees (instructors in training) understanding of the SMART Note Application. SME ’s typically see this application as a resource which combines Notebook

With assessment, student collaboration, and game-based learning software, to create enriching learning experiences.

Step 2: Content Presentation

The instruction will steer conversation by utilizing the slides from the “SMART Note 17.1 Tutorial” Presenting via video conferencing – webinar and using the Microsoft Skype tool as an alternative delivery tool.  The instructor will encourage a collaborative exchange of questions and answers.

Step 3: Attendee Participation

The instructor will encourage a collaborative exchange of questions and answers throughout the session as they advance through the presentation.

Attendees (instructors in training) will be asked to return to their respective training labs, navigate to SMART Note located on the staff development learning center and perform the following tasks within a week:

    • Access Mydtcc.vdi to initialize the workspace if not accomplished previously.
    • Access the SMART Note 17.1  Tutorial review and down located on the instructor’s course instructors site) for step by step direction while setting up your site.
    • Upload the series of the suggested document including the FAQ file and photos to the files section.
    • Advise individuals that these tasks have been completed and provide a link to one of your uploaded items.

Step 4: Assessment

 Assessment will consist of the attendee (instructors in training) accessing and reviewing the instructors' SMART Notes 17.1 site to confirm that required content exist, correctly initialized and required content added.

  • The colleague's list (instructors in training) is complete.
  • There should be at least five documents in the files section.

Step 5: Attendee Evaluation - Follow-up

    • Attendee (instructors in training) will be asked to complete a course evaluation. (Appendix A)
    • Visit the https://www.dtcclearning.com/ | New technology e-learning discussion on SMART Note 17.1 site and post your review or short analysis of the course. (What is the added value to the SME instructors taking this course?)






"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb