Lesson Plan 3


DTCC’s Learning Center

Learning Events and the Knowledge Database  

Lesson 3 Overview

The DTCC core learning center is one of the primary resources used to house documents, simulations, PowerPoint presentations and a host of valuable learning assets. Also worth mentioning the availability of interactive exercises created by the curriculum for the training events, instructors must be mindful to leverage the interactive aspects of the web delivery usage of whiteboards in training labs. In this lesson, instructors in training will instruct how to access e-learning resources via the intranet and display respective content on whiteboards used in the training labs to learn how to use technology and tools effectively.

Resources Needed

Performance Objective 3

            Attendees are given – access credentials to the designated lab area the instructor will explore learning resources and demonstrate their ability to use the lab facility effectively the conditions, following regularly scheduled system updates while being observed. An added criteria, the instructors, will be required the access, explore learning resources and reflect on their ability to use the lab facility effectively while being observed by respective department heads.  The activity will ensure a higher standard of performance requirements, collaboration, and mutual understanding. 

Time: 2 hour

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activity

  • Before attending this session, the instructor is required to access the LC website and register with their Lan e-mail address as a user. They must locate the learning resources on that site for self-paced study.
  • Instructors must complete a pre-assessment (Appendix B) at the beginning of the class and engage in (instructors in training) the plane Q and A session.

Step 2: Content Presentation

The instructor will begin with a detailed discussion of “What’s new in SMART Notebook 17.1 specifically the original print to board feature in SMART Notebook, the SMART lab tutorial and redo actions.

Resources located on the Smart LC website can be used to learn how to navigate relevant learning resources, equipment and find activities they can use during training sessions.

The first resource the instructor will review the smart notebook document writer print to board feature user guides in our DTCC Tec response shared folder. These documents review the basics of how to utilize Smart Note feature,   how to convert documents into an older printable notebook file, how to create activities, and how to share them with others. Instructors will be encouraged to explore these resources before seeking other learning resources.

The second resource, Smart Notebook .17, accessible via the instructor's professional development site which provides references, simulations, tutorials and videos on how to use the lab whiteboard, Smart Notebook, and document resources. The instructor must look at specifics within Smart Notebook sections to familiarize the (instructors in training) with

The format of this resource. Learning this resource is considered detailed and more time-consuming to come to understand. However; extremely relevant learners are encouraged for those who want to know much more and create more professional materials to share.

The third resource presented to the instructors in training is the SMART Note skills toolkit which provides tutorials on how to use SMART products while instructing in training labs.

  • Interactive video - Activity setup
  • Interactive video – web delivery: connecting course participants
  • Interactive video – Offline activity
  • Interactive video – Assessment creation
  • Interactive video – Collaborative engagement, brainstorming

Step 3: Attendee Participation

The learning path will focus on the shared review of the available resources. Instructors in training must come prepared to discuss how they already use SMART tools and or equipment

And should be prepared to identify specific needs in using the same.

They must carve out additional time after the lesson, dedicated to exploring the various resources presented.

Step 4: Assessment

Given that this lesson focuses on increasing the instructors in training' understanding of the relevant tools, SMART Note skills toolkit, the assessment will consist of the attendee accessing and reviewing the highlighted resources within the DTCC learning center, create summary commentary and post to the designated knowledge database designed for the individual lesson.

Access the dtcc.learning- HR Professional Development website at http://www.dtcc.learning.com/Resources/Training.

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities  

  • Instructors in training are required to complete the lesson evaluation (Appendix A)
  • Instructors in training are required to experiment with highlighted resources, create activities of their own, and share them with colleagues
  • Instructors in training are required to demonstrate- how to - better navigate the new technology resources effectively, while being observed by respective department heads, locate lessons, and or modify those lessons based on audience requirements, disseminate newly created links to instructors in training. Ultimately posting summary comments to the learning-Development knowledge database.



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb