Lessons Overview


 Plan of Instruction Detail

Upon completing the appropriateness of technologies analysis, three new technologies are used to fortify learning resources and skill sets for instructors and are introduced in the amended plan of instruction. When dealing with geographically disburses and culturally diverse teams, the use of technologies that support web-conferencing, video and simulation assets and tutorials are the most efficient ways of integrating education. The modified plan of instruction is made using the noted features in lessons One, Two and Three. Explicitly using the features in Adobe Connect, Adobe Connect, a presentation software to create information on web conferencing, learning modules, and user desktop sharing. It gives total control enabling one to develop skills that include branding and content development. It is a teaching and a learning tool that is fast, efficient. The second resource introduced SMART Notebook; Smart notebook, a program used in an interactive presentation. Its use requires one to have a smart board to provide multiple ways to enhance presenting lessons. Interaction easy and flexible. Finally, the modification is made to the noted lessons using features of  Camtasia. Camtasia is a software program for creating video tutorials and presentation right through a screencast. Software functionality gives a person a chance to record, edit, and share videos on different platforms with essential skills for a given project. The original plan of instruction includes the following lesson:  

Lesson 4 Overview

      This instructional lesson is an extensive 6-hour lesson that highlights the evolutions of the financial services industry each experience, designed into 1 hour and 30 minutes segments. The attendees will gather into break-out groups with four individuals assigned to each group.

Lesson 5 Overview

      This instructional lesson, An Overview of “Securities Processing” Procedures, will provide an instructor in training with the tools and knowledge required to ensure future staff in preparation is well prepared to perform daily responsibilities.

Lesson 6 Overview

This instructional lesson will review the DTCC’s trade processing System usage and basic navigation. The Overview lesson is specifically designed to eliminate the limitation of subject matter expertize. Moreover, the instructors in training will gain a thorough understanding of enhancements to securities processing system navigation and functionality. The DTCC System Navigation overview is intended to eliminate functional processing risks.


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb