Methods and Strategies

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Integrated Instructional Methods and Strategies


The instructional strategy used, based on the Dick and Carey model and Gagne’s nine events of instructions (Dimmitt, C., & Carey, J. 2007).  The rationale for selecting this particular strategy hinged on the underlying element of adaptability for the audience at large. Gagne’s theory indicates a variety of appropriate learning styles. Learners have the opportunity to follow task in a step by step iterative process.


The instructional lesson is an extensive curriculum of course — each instructional lesson six in total, designed for time firms. The instructional sequence incorporated pre-instructional, instructional and advisory– guidance segments. The instructional direction is explicitly chosen due to the high success rate of similar audiences.  The attendees will gather in break-out groups with four individuals assigned to each group. Attendees well positioned to explain, interpret and apply aspects of the services industry and applicable systems as related to their responsibilities. Anticipating the demonstration and mastery of SME competencies will be evident. Gagne’s theory provided an ideal fit concerning the instructional strategies used in the corresponding lesson plan. Utilizing the overall strengths of Gagne’s instructional events. During the initial presentation step by step information, the sharing-learning process takes place, with objective results defined.  The curriculum and lesson are at hand emphasis, gaining attendee attention, informing the learner of the objectives and presenting stimulus material.


The most effective tool for a setting in this instance should be one that has a huge platform and can provide detailed information. Hence,  Adobe Captivate, Adobe Connect, and Camtasia are suitable options. Technologies like adobe captivate, Abode Connect, and Camtasia excel in the providence of industry knowledge to teams based on different geographical location.


The integrated instructional methods and strategies within the technology-based instructional products are appropriate for the content audience.




"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

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