Technology Components Of Instructional Unit


Three Technoloy Resources:

Technologies in the Technology Product

After conducting a detailed comparison of resources, I chose three applications which are versatile and user-friendly. The first tool selected, Adobe Connect. As previously noted the instructional setting, consist of approximately six thousand culturally diverse and geographically distributed teams. As such, the software solutions provided the most logical of choices. The noteworthy functionality of the first solution consists of virtual classrooms set up, curriculum courses development, and functionality of content resources online distribution. This all-inclusive solution will be used for rapid training and mobile learning supporting training that is accessible from anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. This resource will be utilized in each lesson. The instructors will also have access to video tutorial’s and supplementary resources to complement the newly acquired understanding of how to set up virtual classrooms. The second asset selected, Adobe Captivate. The value of this application is it’s authoring tool functionality, which will be used for creating e-learning content such as software demonstrations, software simulations and randomized quizzes in web formats.  The second tool as noted is an authoring tool, which will be used in the fourth lesson to collaboratively create documentation, and or learning resources for the use of staff and curriculum development.  Sample documents and resources created will be linked to the website for review and or enhancement.  This is also ideal for geographically distributed teams.  The added value, creating and developing future curriculum and or lesson plans. The third chosen Camtasia. The value-add, in this case, Camtasia is software suite, specifically used for creating electronic tutorials and presentations via screencast, or a direct recording plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint, once again a valuable tool for instructing geographically distributed teams. Additionally, instructors will have the ability to post recorded videos and to create and manage steamtable which can be shared. This resource will be used in each lesson.







"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb