Mr. Mimms

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Syllabus Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

Mr. Mimms

Room 211  (817) 377- 7200


Course materials: Perrines (tan), 3 ring binder notebook with binder notebook paper), spiral notebook (for reading journal), index cards, black pen, red pen, and pencil.


Conference periods: By appointment before and after school and 3rd period.


Course expectations: The student will:

  • Understand techniques of poetry as they affect and enhance the works
  • Analyze and interpret literature
  • Write analytically and creatively
  • Explain clearly an understanding of literary works
  • Demonstrate elements of style and voice in critical writing
  • Demonstrate technical vocabulary of literary study in critical analysis
  • Read, write, and discuss with precision, sensitivity, energy, and imagination
  • Demonstrate pattern and purpose for individual texts in critical analysis
  • Demonstrate an understanding of distinctive and diverse cultural contexts that shape texts through critical analysis
  • Employ a variety of critical approaches to literature
  • Work collaboratively as well as individually
  • Support opinions with textual evidence
  • Demonstrate fluent and precise writing style
  • Deliver oral reports with poise and clarity
  • Generate independent and thoughtful analytical discourse during class discussions


Student expectations: Homework is to be turned in at the beginning of class on the day that it is due. Late work is not accepted. Make-up work is only allowed if you are absent. Missed tests or work must be made up within the number of days of absence. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for missed assignments. The daily classroom activities and assignments are posted at the front of the room. School rules apply for absences and tardies.


      Students in my class are on the honor system. I have high expectations for all of you and cheating is the worst thing you can do in my class. Please neither give nor receive any unauthorized help or submit work that is not of the sweat of your own brow.