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LaughingOur Spelling words  this week are focused on the holiday.

Tongue outIn Writing we have begun to take time timed MOCK Florida writes - where we practice like it is the real thing.  That helps us with our 'jitters' and lets us feel more confident about writing in a timed setting.

KissScience  -we are looking at cells and our human bodies. 

YellSpeaking of Tests --I have noticed that we are not -- as a whole -- doing too well on them.  So, I am working at test taking strategies and teaching the kids how to study -- but THEY actually have to spend some TIME doing that in the evening.  If I could 'fire' a few kids as they are not doing thier 'jobs'.  I always use that illustration,  if we -- as adults went to our work unprepared and did not get our work done -- we would be fired.  Especially in this economy.  Well, we can't 'fire' kids, but I can keep them inside for catching up at their recess time.  This really makes me crazy as now as the weather is nicer - I want the kids outside and enjoying the fresh air.    So -- when your child says he or she does not have homework -- that is rare -- there is usually always some work to do and/or to READ their present book of choice.  Please call me if you have any questions.


CoolIt is also HAT DAY on Friday, December 11th.  We look forward to our next A/R reward.