funny Stuff we have learned

This is a blog -- where I will try and update it with 'funny' stuff from our room.  I won't be able to use names -- so be patient! 

Friday, December 11th.  The students are working hard this week so we can 'play' next week.  WE have movies planned and various other activities.  There is going to be Crazy Craft Day as well as practice for our singing and then the performance and movie on the last day. 

Today, I finally saw a young lady get a 100 % on her A/R test.  The great thing was that this is like her 7th or  8th test and she has finally gotten a 100%.  I am so proud of her.  In the past, she was always getting a 30 or 50 or 60, but never a 100!  Cool beans. 

We want ot make reindeer this next week, a wall hanging, and then an ornament.  Will we get it all done?