Building a Narrative Teaching and Learning Sequence

Building a Narrative

Teaching and Learning Sequence
(Copied from Professional Experience Day Book)

Activity One:
Whole class shared reading of ‘The Rooster That Lost Its Crow’

Activity Two:
Teacher discusses with students how typical narratives are made up of an introduction, complication, resolution and conclusion. Students deconstruct ‘The Rooster That Lost Its Crow’ to fill in the framework provided to identify orientation, complication, resolution and conclusion.

Activity Three:
Whole class discussion about some potential settings for student-devised stories including place and time. Discuss some examples of complications and students suggest possible resolutions. Students fill out framework to identify an orientation, complication, resolution and conclusion for their own narrative. Based on observations and review of student progress in previous activities, multiple formats are provided for students to map out their own stories. Whilst most students complete the same blank framework used for the second activity, some students complete a storyboard of pictures which they are assisted to write captions for. Other students complete the framework by answering simple prompt questions, e.g. who? where? when? what happened? how was the problem solved?

Activity Four:
Students present their story frameworks to a teacher to receive feedback and then make any necessary changes. Students write out their narratives in full sentences in their writing books.