Excursion Risk Management Plan

Excursion Risk Management Plan Proforma (In Addition to Existing Risk Assessment Overview)
Name of school:
Name of principal:
Description and location of excursion: Botanical Gardens
Date(s) of excursion: May 2008
Number in group/class: 28
Name of excursion coordinator:
Contact number: XXXX
Accompanying staff, parents, caregivers, volunteers: 4 
Activity Hazard Identification
Risk Assessment Elimination or Control Measures WhoWhen
Walking to and from transportBeing hit by a vehicle4The bus will drop off and pick up students at the Woolloomooloo Entrance Gate. Students will not need to cross the road.Bus DriverDrop-off, Pick Up
Moving around the GardensTripping over
Exposure to the sun
Being bitten by an insect
Slipping on wet surfaces
-    Students will be encouraged to walk on paths around garden beds.
-    Students will be required to wear enclosed footwear, hats, shirts with sleeves and sunscreen while outdoors.
-    Students will be discouraged from touching plants or animals except when advised to do so by a teacher or guide.
-    All teachers attending excursion will have First Aid certification
-    A First Aid Kit will be brought by the school.
-    Students will need to bring raincoats if weather is poor. In the event of strong rain, students will complete the worksheets by conducting research on computers.

Teacher and guides


During excursion

Prior to excursion

Going to the bathroomChild Protection Issues6-    Within the Middle Gardens where the excursion will take place, toilets are within 100m at all times.
-    Small groups will be escorted to the bathrooms after meal breaks by a teacher of the same gender
Teacher and parentsDuring breaks
Reading information off plaques.Being knocked over by other students.5-    Activities are designed so that students can visit different plaques in any order
-    Plaques have multiple copies throughout the gardens to space students out
-    The group will be divided into three and travel in different sections of the Middle Gardens when completing learning activities.
Teacher and studentsDuring learning experien-ces.
Eating lunchAnaphylaxis4-    Students will bring packed lunches and adhere to the same standards for allergen foods as at school.
-    Students with anaphylaxis will being Epi-Pens etc.
TeachersLunch time
Venue and safety information reviewed and attached: Yes / No
Plan prepared by:                                                     Position:Teacher                                             Date:April 2008
Prepared in consultation with: Guides at Botanical Gardens Education Centre
Communicated to: Principle, Parents.
Monitor and Review - Monitor the effectiveness of controls and change if necessary. Review the risk assessment if an incident or a significant change occurs.