9th Grade - English 1 - Period 7

 Monday 9/28
-Persuasive Essay: United States Postal Service
Write 2 sentences using there. their and they're, & two sentences using to, too and two

Thursday 9/24
-Discussed and showed examples of how to write a persuasive essay. 
-Completed Graphic Organizer on persuasive task 

Tuesday 9/22
-Check homework questions on pgs. 31 and 32
-TEST: The Most Dangerous Game
HOMEWORK: Persuasive Essay Prewriting (See below)
“I don’t know what to write about!”
                                                                               PREWRITING – Journalistic Technique
1.        My life has not been easy because:
          Who has helped you deal with this?_________________________________
2.       _________________________________ always makes me smile because:
3.       Whenever I’m in a bad mood, all I have to do to feel better is:
4.       If I asked you to quickly name the 5 most important people in your life, who would you name?
5.       Choose ONE person from number 4 and list 3 SPECIFIC reasons why this person is so special to you.
Your writing task for September will involve you writing a persuasive essay about a person, place, thing or idea that is important to you.  For next class, you should know the topic of your paper.  Jot your ideas on the back of this sheet and bring this to the next class.

Friday, 9/18
Period: 5              Course: English 1
Objectives: Students will read, interpret, and understand a short story: “Most Dangerous Game,” focusing on the elements of a short story
Text: Prentice Hall Gold Level
1.     Instructional Activity: Check homework: Quiz on plot of “The Most Dangerous Game” Learning Outcome: check reading comprehension
2.    Instructional Activity: Match elements of a short story to the plot of “The Most Dangerous Game” and put details of story into sequence of events.  Learning Outcome: understand elements of a short story and sequencing
3.    Instructional Activity: In pairs, students will complete Check Your Comprehension questions pg. 31-32 (1-5), and Critical Thinking questions (1-6), Vocabulary (1-8).  Learning Outcome: build comprehension and critical thinking skills
Homework: Study – “The Most Dangerous Game” test on Tuesday -- VOCABULARY INCLUDED
1.Rainsford is on a yacht with Whitney in the Caribbean Sea bound for the Amazon.
2.Rainsford hears three gunshots, loses his balance, and falls off the yacht.
3.Zaroff tells Rainsford he hunts the most dangerous game: man.
4.Zaroff stands below Rainsford, who is hiding up a tree, smiles and then moves on.
5.Rainsford builds the Malay man-catcher which injures Zaroff.
6.Rainsford builds the Burmese Tiger Pit- kills one of Zaroff’s best dogs.
7.Rainsford kills Ivan with the Ugandan knife and sapling trick.
8.Zaroff thinks Rainsford jumped into the sea to escape the island, not to elude (or trick) Zaroff.
9.Rainsford confronts Zaroff in his bedroom.
10.Rainsford sleeps comfortably in Zaroff’s bed.
Exposition: Rainsford is on a yacht with Whitney in the Caribbean Sea bound for the Amazon.Rising Action: Rainsford falls off the ship, lands on Ship-Trap Island, meets Zaroff and the hunt begins.Climax: Rainsford confronts Zaroff in his bedroom and they duel (which is “hidden” in this story).Falling Action: Rainsford sleeps in Zaroff’s bed.Resolution: The reader knows that Rainsford survived the hunt and killed Zaroff.


The Most Dangerous Game


1.       Palpable

2.      Superstition

3.      Indolently

4.     Cannibal

5.      Vigor

6.      Menace

7.     Bizarre

8.      Aristocrat

9.      Cosmopolite

10.   Preserve

11.   Proposition

12.  Naïve

13.  Scruples

14.  Blandly

15.  Grotesque

16.  Futile

17.  Imperative

18.   Spur

19.   Inevitable

20.  Tangible


“The Most Dangerous Game” 
Protagonist: the main character of a literary work
Antagonist: antagonizes the protagonist
Elements of a Short Story
PLOT: the sequence of events that make up a story
EXPOSITION: introduces the setting, characters, and situation
INCITING INCIDENT/RISING ACTION: leads to a central conflict or problem; the conflict intensifies during the rising action
CLIMAX: the high point of interest or suspense
FALLING ACTION: follows the climax; shows the effects; the details that lead to the resolution
RESOLUTION/DENOUEMENT: the end of the story
Read "The Most Dangerous Game" p. 17-31
HOMEWORK: Finish reading short story.  QUIZ on reading Friday!